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Civil Litigation

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Over the years, we have built a reputation for finding creative solutions to challenging contract issues. Our clients trust us to provide quality personalized service with a variety of different contract disputes.

The Difference Between Common Law and Civil Law Contracts

Depending on how they were drafted, your contract may be governed by different laws. While similar, civil or common law approaches to contracts can be very different. Regardless of the nature of your contract dispute, it is important to hire an attorney who understands theses various laws and how they apply.

The primary difference between common law and civil law approaches to contracts is in how they are analyzed. When contracts are examined under common law, courts will examine the promises that were made and whether they are enforceable. By contrast, contracts governed by civil law will emphasize the obligations between the parties.

The differences between the laws govern how courts interpret the formation, execution, breach and compensation of a contract. They also determine what remedies are available and even the duties of each party who has entered into the agreement.

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