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South Shore Attorneys Helping You Recover Following an Accident or Injury
At White and White, P.C., we know how devastating an injury can be, and how the injuries affect not just the injured person, but the whole family. We take the time to understand all the impacts of your injury; and then we will put together the information and fight aggressively to get the best possible results for you.
We have extensive experience in the following types of cases:

•    Auto accidents
•    Bicycle accidents
•    Premises liability — Injuries from an accident at work, home or another location
•    Product liability — Defects in the manufacture or design of a product
•    Food poisoning
•    Dog bite injuries

Physical and emotional injuries from these types of accidents come in all shapes and forms. We have represented people with the following injuries:

•    Fractures and dislocations
•    Spinal cord, neck, joint, back and leg injuries
•    Traumatic brain injuries
•    Scars and burns
•    Loss of sight
•    Emotional trauma
•    Loss of consortium — loss of companionship of spouse, or child

You should be compensated for injuries caused by automobiles or other accidents, and the lawyers at White and White will work with you to make sure you are compensated. See our testimonials from just a few of the clients we have helped.
There Are Time Limits for Filing Your Claim — Call Our Lawyers Right Away
Time is of the essence! The Statute of Limitations applies to personal injury cases, so there is a limited time period to file your claim. Contact our lawyers right away to protect your right to recover.

White and White, P.C., can also assist you in matters of Divorce, Child Custody, Contract and Tax Law, Estate Planning, Landlord-Tenant, and Real Estate.



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